Cheese 101

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Cheese 101

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Many of you may ask on how long does cheese last out of the fridge. Basically, the shelf life of cheese varies from a few weeks to many years. This, however, depends on the composition of the cheese and how the cheese is packaged.


1. BUY YOUR CHEESE WHOLE - Buying a full block of cheese, versus pre-grated cheese, is cheaper and keeps fresh for longer.

2. WRAP YOUR CHEESE UP - Waxed paper, grease-proof paper or baking paper works wonders in allowing cheese to breathe, while also preventing it from drying out.  It is especially important to wrap your cheese if you are storing it in the fridge. 

3. STORE CHEESE BY TYPE - Aged cheese should not be placed in the same piece of waxed paper as a newer, fresher cheese.  Similarly, strong cheese should be stored separately from milder cheese.

4. STORE SEPARATELY FROM OTHER FOODS - Cheese easily absorbs smell so it is important to store it away from strong smelling foods, such as onions.

5. SERVING YOUR CHEESE - Cheese absolutely tastes better at room temperature.  Be sure to take it out of storage for an hour before serving enjoying.


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